Aluminum fans


The volume is only 79dB


Automatic cleaning




A new better method
cleaning filters
The filter is completely blown out

Filters 100% polyester


Tight assembly
filter on the screw

Standard models

Cab model

Operator window dimension (mm)



Power (kW) area filtration max. powder output Filter clogging sensor Lowered top




Drive beam drive
KPZ-1 800x1300 none 1 0.69kW 15m2 400g/min ? option option option
KPZ-2 1400x1800 none 1 2.2kW 30m2 400g/min ? option option option
KPZ-3 1600x1800 none 1 2.2kW 45m2 400g/min ? option option option
KPZ-4 2000x1800 none 1 4.4kW 60m2 400g/min ? option option option
KPO-2 2000x1800 none 1 2.2kW 30m2 400g/min ? option option option
KPO-3 2800x1800 none 1 2.2kW 45m2 400g/min ? option option option
KPO-4 4000x1800 none 1 4.4kW 60m2 400g/min ? option option option
KPP-2 1200x1800 700x1800 1 2.2kW 30m2 400g/min ? option option option
KPP-3 1400x1800 700x1800 1 2.2kW 45m2 400g/min ? option option option
KPP-4 1 700x1800 700x1800 1 4.4kW 60m2 400g/min ? option option option
KPD-2 1200x1800 700x1800 2 4.4kW >=60m2 800g/min ? option option option
KPD-3 1400x1800 700x1800 2 4.4kW >=90m2 800g/min ? option option option
KPD-4 1 700x1800 700x1800 2 8.8kW >=120m2 800g/min ? option option option
These are examples of standard cabins - other dimensions, configurations, available on individual request.
x (x)
x (x)



Touch controls
ROMER cabins are equipped with 4" color touch screens. Cabin operation is intuitive, it has 3 modes: automatic (timed), automatic (based on a clogged filter sensor), or manual.

Filter clogging sensor
A sensor is installed in the cabins that queues filters for cleaning when they become clogged. The system also informs you when the filters are exhausted

Automatic filter cleaning 
The electronic system of automatic filter cleaning has a range of adjustment of cleaning frequency and firing time. Each filter is cleaned separately, the filters can also be cleaned manually using the buttons.

We know from experience that it is difficult for the operator to enforce filter cleaning. Thanks to this system, the operator will no longer have to think about it.

Low volume 
Aluminum fans are very quiet, they work at the level of 74-79dB - It's not much.
with the standard design of the cabin, it's even hard to talk.


Explosion-proof design
The booths have been designed to prevent the formation of an explosive mixture during the painting process. Each component has been carefully selected to minimize this risk.

Aluminum fans
Aluminum fans are safe, they do not cause sparks when rubbing against metal elements - which in the case of a steel fan may cause an explosion.
Thanks to their weight, they save energy and consume little electricity.
At the same time, they are very quiet, working at the level of 74-79dB.
The engine is hidden in the cab, which makes the cab lower.

Tight assembly of filters
Thanks to the use of mounting flanges, the assembly and disassembly of the filter becomes trivial. The screw tightening the gasket improves the tightness of the filter (compared to the bayonet filter), which increases the draft power of the cabin and improves the quality of filtration.

Fire camera  option
In accordance with the latest European standards, we install fire cameras. A sensor mounted in the cabin detects a fire within a fraction of a second and disconnects the power supply to the system.


Adjustable draft
An antistatic plate covering the filters is installed in the booth.
It has, among other things, a protective function for the filters, stops the first wave of powder.

In a well-designed booth, it improves the speed of air reaching the filters, flowing around the painted element.
This facilitates the painting process itself, and also contributes significantly to improving the draft and thus the working conditions of the paint shop.

The height of the hob can be adjusted on hinges.

Low power consumption
Thanks to the use of light steel alloys in the production process of our rotors, they have become extremely light. The fans need a small amount of electricity to rotate such a rotor, thus saving energy.

Powder recovery
By recycling materials, you save money, collect the powder from the booth and reuse it. The recovered powder should be sieved for reuse.
Long filter life
The thickness of the material from which our filter is made is 260g/m2 and the filtration surface (H900) is 15m2. For comparison, the standard used for the H900 is 160g/m2 at 7.5m2.

This is the standard used in the most expensive automatic lines designed to move tons of paint.

There is an even cheaper type of filter, containing cellulose (paper) instead of polyester.


The cabin is equipped with a tank - filter cleaning buffer. The pressurized air is released from the tank in a fraction of a second, then passing through the ROMER JET™ nozzle, it expands in the filter at high speed, exiting through the micro-holes in the filter, cleans it and the powder falls into the Booth.

Our ROMER JET™ system is patented, it cleans the entire filter from top to bottom, providing a unique cleaning effect, unattainable in the past (using a regular Jet-Venturi).

Additional options

Powder Tank
again In ROMER Booths, an optional powder tank can be installed.
The tank can be mounted without fluidization equipped with pressure on pneumatic cylinders on the so-called garbage or a fluidized tank controlled by pneumatic cylinders with a screen. The fluidized tank is adapted to be connected to the Applicator and powder can be drawn directly from it.

In ROMER Cabins, an optional screen can be installed, provided that there is a tank in the Cabin.
The sifter is necessary if the powder that has fallen into the hopper will be u
rye for painting. The sifter allows you to get rid of impurities from the powder. The screen is powered by an electric vibrator designed for explosive zones.

Cab Puller
The cabin, by dragging the sling beams within the cabin, improves work efficiency, thus relieving the painter, who no longer has to move them manually.