Use of one photocell


Using one photocell in the space of workpiece allows you to measure the length of the workpiece and, consequently, gives you the opportunity to turn on the guns when the item is in range, and to switch off the gun immediately after the workpiece is finished. The photocell is included in the standard equipment.





Identification of details using special tags.


A plate with identification holes is placed over the suspension.

Based on this, the PLC controller in conjunction with the photocell recognizes the painted detail, turns on and off the guns in a timely manner - thus braking the energy and powder coating.



Vertical detection of the detail of the workpiece.


The use of light gates with detectors horizontally allows the PLC to analyze the vertical shape of the workpiece.

The PLC counts the time at which the detail should appear in the gun space - allowing guns to be selectively switched on or off.



Application of light gates with multiple sensors horizontally and vertically.


This solution allows precise measurement of the dimensions of the workpiece, which makes it possible also to manipulate the manipulators.



Benefits of using gates and photocells


The benefits of using photocells or light gates are primarily energy and powder savings.

Eliminate painting of a zone in which there is no detail.

With the use of light gates, precise control of the guns.