How to make oven for powder coating plant, build a construction the stove.

If you've come here, you'll probably try to build yourself your ovn stove for powder coating .

Do it - stove for powder coating

You will need some steel and wool. Wool buy in each store construction, steel profiles cuts according to the drawings which are downloadable at the bottom of the page together with instructions for a picture. Then the outer skin must be screwed ... I was joking.

Painting equipment is not the end of the adventure, the same paint you need the knowledge and experience, issued with one acquire the training at startup devices. When in use, you will encounter further problems, which as a producer we will help you solve, if you do the same device, you will be with them alone. Powder coating is a technology, not just the device.

Ask yourself then asked how much it will cost you, since for all the components you will have to overpay?

If, after adding up all the costs further with the bill comes you that save, that is, not podliczyłeś your time, and what by the way spoil.

We realize that a lot of manufacturers producing this equipment for years, and they continue with this serious problem, and the hardware can break down after a week from the start, or does not work as you should. If these arguments do not get to you, and you think that you are not concerned, we go further.

If you want to produce oil or gas stove without heat exchanger and the way to burn a building, it can not help you. If you do not know what a heat exchanger, it is even more for it do not take. You should be aware of the fact that as a producer you take full responsibility for this product and its users do not need to explain further.
Heat exchanger for such a furnace will always be so expensive that do not pay you to buy it separately, performing only the construction of the furnace.

If you want to make a stove with forced circulation, it is a complicated design, few commercial companies can do it correctly. If you think that simply mount the fan will give you a good temperature distribution in the furnace, the answer to my question, what is the difference in temperature between the Polish and Tenerife? but no like this? Oh yes, it is. The air on the ground is also mixed, so if your oven will be the same randomness air circulation, it will not be indicative of its quality. And the temperature you want to achieve, ie. 180 degrees does not affect your favor.

If you still stick to their original idea, and you want to try your hand as a craftsman simplest solution would be to make the electric furnace, without fan, heater in the floor, this is the cheapest and simplest solution to which components we can sell by telephone order.