The coating applied to a poorly prepared surface will it fall or corrode after a short period of time.


Providing the best shell is basically a good degreasing - which is the basis of every painting. Coating with ill-skimmed detail will fall off after a very short time so this is a necessary basis. Then, the destruction of the outer covering of the workpiece which improves the adhesion, for example. When bending metal sheets, and securing anti-corrosion which in turn will increase the corrosion resistance.

There are many solutions that solve the above issues, we will discuss a few of them.

Mechanical preparation ie. sandblasting and abrasive blast cleaning - the process provides a kind of mechanical degreasing and forms a porous surface, which has a positive effect on adhesion. The process is quite expensive and time-consuming, but does not prevent corrosion.

Preparation of chemical ie. A pressure washer, automatic system or a bathtub using appropriate chemicals, can perform all the steps in a single process. Such a process is eg. Iron phosphating degreasing in the case of black steel. Chemical degreasing detail by binding fat, violates the coating digesting the outer surface then protecting it against corrosion phosphorus compounds.
This can be done in several ways, spraying is the fastest way to degrease pieces, eg. Using a stationary washer  (direct manual) can be used up to 3 processes, of which the first is chemistry, and two more to rinse. This is a maintenance-free solution that provides repeatability of the process is fairly quick and inexpensive operating costs.

A cheaper solution is to buy manual pressure washer, it allows the use of 2-3 processes. Repeatability in this case will depend entirely on the operator.

Bathtub system



Preparation by immersion is done in bathtubs. Baths are good enough solution that can be freely expanded as the needs arise. The cons are that in the case of a large tubs its capacity can make quite substantial, thus excluding the use this solution occasionally - because of the high cost of heating a few (dozen) tons of water.
It is one of the most expensive solutions that cost is similar to the automatic washer, but gives you the ability to expand the system for the most demanding customers.

This makes sense when you want to prepare a lot of different details, or we want to get the parameters of the order of 5 - 10 year warranty on the shell, such an effect is possible only if you have 5 or more independent baths. One must however take into account that, in using baths in the service industry where the tub is lower than the furnace some of the details may be retained becouse does not fit the tub.

Ultrasonic baths

Ultrasonic systems are used in bath in which the washed surfaces are difficult or simply required unique precision of cleaning. It is a system of generators and piezoelectric transducers which cause the "movement of the liquid." The use of ultrasonic in the bath speeds up the cleaning process. This is a kind of combination of mechanical and chemical cleaning method that will be indispensable in the case of heavy soiling, better cleaning of painted wheels or removing rust and other raid.

The manual pressure washer



The most flexible solution is wash with manual pressure washer, for companies that are doing the service and have a high diversity of painted detail is one of the cheapest solutions. This allows simultaneously washing very large and small parts in baskets, not inferior quality of more expensive devices, however, is not desirable because need the operator.
Bathtub filled with chemistry is relatively small, which makes it possible to quickly start work becouse quickly heats up, but it will lead to more frequent checks of the bath, for example once a week, for the continuity of work.

Automatic washer

The most convenient solution will undoubtedly automatic washer, which is not the cheapest but guarantees high repeatability and fast cleaning cycle that lasts about 10 minutes. Since the cycle is carried out automatically and operator is required only to introduce elements.
Baths are larger than washers and the heating process takes a little longer, but positively must be considered to monitor the status of cleaning agents that can be carried out in this case about once a month. Degreasing washing takes place in the spray, which allows the use of the weaker chemical cleaners that will result in significantly better cleaning results than the immersion in the bath wherein the water is at a standstill.

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